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What's New:  HubSpot Product Updates for October 2022

What's New: HubSpot Product Updates for October 2022

HubSpot's October updates were full of great updates. The enhancements will help sales people be more productive (and consistent!) and help marketers gain better insight into where those marketing dollar are spent and how campaigns are performing.  

Let's get into it....

First, a video walk through of the updates to the Playbook functionality:

Recommend playbooks based on deal stage

If your team uses various playbooks throughout the deal stages, this update is for you!  When sales reps have several playbooks to sort through it can be difficult to find the right one at the right time.  You can now set recommendations for specific playbooks to use at different points in the deal cycle, helping to advance deals to the next stage.  

Playbooks used for particular stages will now be pushed to the top of the list in the side panel card and highlighted with a "Recommended" flag.  These recommendations are set by a sales manager when editing the playbook in the "Settings" tab. 

Learn more about using playbooks and setting up recommendations here

(For Sales Hub Pro & Enterprise users)


Playbook outlines for easier navigation

If you have used playbooks, you know one drawback is scrolling and skipping around to various sections while continuing a conversational flow was difficult.  HubSpot's playbook update now automatically generates an outline of the content making it easier to glance and click into the section you need.  This outline can be hidden or shown using the button in the top, left corner of the playbook window. 

(For Sales Hub Pro & Enterprise users)


Campaign spend tracking

The Campaign budget field has been updated from a non-numeric to a purely numeric field, enabling users to track their overall Campaign budget and use it in reports.  More importantly, you now have the ability to track the Campaign spend with a new "spend" field in each campaign.  This addition will give users the ability to measure relevant Campaign metrics like cost per MQL, cost per SQL  and ROI. 

Users can now manually enter their campaign spend in the new numeric spend field on the settings page.  This field has been added to the filter options on the "Campaign Details" page as well as the "Campaigns Edit" side panel and the "Compare Campaigns" feature.  

(For Marketing Hub Pro and Enterprise users)


New Marketing events api

Developers can now use HubSpot's new version of the Marketing Events API to create and update contacts in the marketing events object.  This allows for more robust solutions for customers who want to market to event attendees, including:

  • Create new contact records in marketing events object when new customers register or attend marketing events
  • Add activities to contact records' timelines when contacts register for, attend, or cancel registration for events.  

The legacy Marketing Events API will sunset on April 30, 2023.  As of October 2022, no new integrations can be built using the legacy Marketing Events API. 

Developers can learn more about the Marketing API here.  See how to use the marketing events object here.  

(For all users)


Task priority options for mobile

HubSpot mobile users can now define their task priorities with additional priority levels.  Previously the only priority options when using the mobile app were no priority and high priority.  This created difficulties for managers and users to distribute tasks effectively.  

When creating or editing tasks you can now choose between high, medium, low, or no priority.  These priorities are also color-coded for better visibility and quick glances.  You can easily sort Due Task and Future Task lists by these priorities. 

Learn more about using tasks in the mobile app here

(For All Users on both iOS and Android)



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