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Inbound Ignited

We help companies grow by improving their business processes and the technology they use.


We’re a team of experts who help you improve revenue and profitability. 

We use a variety of proven digital tools and tactics to deliver our clients the solutions to problems that are inhibiting their growth.


Let's talk about your growth


We are certified experts.

As a HubSpot Gold Certified Agency partner Inbound Ignited employees hold more than 30 HubSpot Academy Certifications.  Beyond HubSpot certifications, we have 20+ combined years of web development and system integration experience.  We know 10+ programming languages and have 45+ years of combined sales and marketing experience.  




Inbound Ignited Team

Our goal is to help you get it done.  We are a team of passionate people who like to have fun while we work.  Our team of highly skilled marketers, developers and HubSpot experts will help you build your revenue operations into a deal closing machine. Our goal is to be your partner and an extension of your team.

We're a new agency that has steadily built a core list of clients that consider us partners (not just another vendor!). We understand what it takes to grow a business and are ready to help you. Check out our team:

Craig headshot 2

Craig Leabig

Founder & CEO

The guy who geeks out over a well laid out process map. "Who needs a flow chart?" The right answer - everyone!

Jess headshot

Jess Wright

Director of Operations and Client Delivery

Chief of making sure stuff gets done

CJ Herrmann headshot

CJ Herrmann

Director of Web Services

Master of the solution-verse

Shana Headshot

Shana Garrie

HubSpot Specialist

Willing to help


Core Values

At Inbound Ignited we value a company culture that is people-first.