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What's New:  HubSpot Product Updates for July

What's New: HubSpot Product Updates for July

Even with HubSpot’s Global Week of Rest at the beginning of July, they have managed to roll out several great updates. From the addition of a payments form to updates affecting cookies and tracking, here are the update highlights we feel will make the most impact on users.

payment Forms

Until now Marketing Hub users have had to layer a third-party tool on top of forms to collect payments. With this update, you can now accept payments through form submissions without the need for an additional tool. Both form submission and payment details are captured, and the information can then be used to trigger workflows.  (For Starter, Professional and Enterprise Marketing Hub users)

Learn how to set up the payments tool here.   Learn how to collect payments with forms here.


Workflow Enrollment Change Notifications

If your role requires you to monitor & report on workflow enrollment, that just got easier! Users can now set up weekly reporting email notifications for workflows. This eliminates the need to regularly go to each workflow and review enrollment changes. It will also help users identify potential problems and make proactive changes and decisions.

To enable the enrollment change notifications for workflows, go to Settings > Notifications > Workflows and click the checkbox Weekly digest of change in workflow enrollments. Then select which workflows you want to be notified of by going to Settings > Notifications on any enabled workflow.

(For users with Marketing Hub Enterprise, Sales Hub Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise, or Operations Hub Enterprise)

Find more detailed information on setting up these notifications here.


Restore Deleted Dashboards

If you have ever had to spend time recreating a dashboard that was deleted you will appreciate this update! You can now fully restore deleted dashboards. Better yet, if it was deleted in the last 14 days, you will get the connected reports too. Restored dashboards will have the same access settings as when they were deleted.  (For all users)

Learn how to create, manage and restore dashboards here.


Option to add dismiss button to cookies banner

All users are now able to add the option to close the cookies banner to their websites. This allows individuals another option other than Accept or Decline. The dismiss button allows visitors to close the banner if you do not use a “Require Opt-In” policy on your site. This can now be easily toggled on and off in-app.

Visitors who dismiss any “Opt-In” and “Cookies by Category” policies will be assumed to have declined all but the necessary cookies.

If you use a “Notify” policy on your website, this means that cookies will track website visitors by default. So visitors who dismiss “Notify” policies will continue to be tracked by all cookies on your site.  (For all users)

Learn how to customize your cookie tracking here.

facebook conversions API for page views

You can now use Facebook Conversion’s API alongside the Facebook Pixel for page view to better control data sent to Facebook and continue to retarget anonymous visitors in a cookie-less future.

Integrating the Conversions API with the Pixel will keep your user's data more secure and result in a higher ROI from Facebook Ads in the future. This combination gives you the ability to control what data is shared with Facebook while continuing to retarget anonymous visitors with meaningful ads.  (For Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users)

Learn more about these settings here.


reminder email for custom surveys

You can now send reminder emails for surveys, to encourage your customers to give their feedback. 

Custom feedback surveys are a great way to collect customer opinions so you can adjust where needed and delight your customers. With this update, you can easily create & schedule the reminder email while creating the feedback survey.    Reminder emails to complete surveys will help increase your response rate giving you more insight into the customer experience.  (For all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise users)

Learn how to turn on the reminder emails here


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