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What's New: HubSpot Product Updates For May

What's New: HubSpot Product Updates For May

HubSpot continues to improve existing features and create new ones to make your work life easier and more efficient. We once again sorted through all the improvements and additions to bring you the highlights. In May, the HubSpot product team focused on improving their integrations with both QuickBooks and NetSuite, while still not perfect, these improvements are a step in the right direction.  HubSpot also focused on improving their custom reporting tool as well as added increased permission flexibility to help you ensure your users have the appropriate access within your portal. Here is the rundown of what we feel are the most impactful updates.


Inbound Calling

You can now get a US, UK, or Canadian phone number via HubSpot! Until now HubSpot only had the capability to place outbound calls using your personal phone, and inbound calls and records existed outside of HubSpot. Not only can these HubSpot phone numbers be used for outbound and inbound calls, but all call records, recordings, and transcripts live inside the HubSpot CRM. (For paid users with a Sales and Service Hub Starter, Professional, or Enterprise seat)

Learn how to set up calling and get your HubSpot phone number here.


Availability Management Permissions for Conversations Inbox

Previously a user had to have admin access to manage availability within the Conversations Inbox. This gave them access to many other areas of HubSpot where access may not be needed or wanted. You are now able to give specific permissions for edit/write access within the Conversations Inbox only, alleviating the issue of giving individuals access to numerous other areas of your HubSpot account.

How to change the settings:

  1.  Navigate to Users & Teams in settings and select the user.
  2.  For Availability Management access, navigate to the Account permissions tab.
  3.  Within the Setting Access permissions, there is a new Availability Management toggle.   You can find this at the bottom of the Setting Access
  4.  Once permission is toggled on, users can both edit and publish/write the changes to   production.

Please note: This option will not show for super admins, as they get access by default. (For All Users)

Learn more about managing your inbox users here.


Automatically Create NetSuite Sales Orders with a New Workflow Action

“Create a Sales Order” is now available for deal-based HubSpot workflows. This workflow action automatically creates a sales order in NetSuite, so your sales processes are more automated and streamlined. Instead of the previous back and forth to get the necessary information from HubSpot into NetSuite, you can now use HubSpot workflows to automatically create NetSuite sales orders whenever they close deals or when new HubSpot deals meet a workflow’s enrollment criteria. This new workflow action can automate repetitive communication between teams, stay in sync, and speed up processes.

The NetSuite integration is available for all HubSpot users to install, however, this workflow action is only available to HubSpot customers with access to HubSpot workflows. (For Professional plans or above)

Learn about the NetSuite integration and how to set up the workflow connection here.


Associations Limits Increase

The number of associations you can make between one object type to another has increased from 10,000 to 50,000. These associations will be visible on record pages and can be used across HubSpot workflows, lists, and reports. (For Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users)

Not sure how to associate records? Learn how here.


Mobile Business Card QR Scanner

QR codes are everywhere. The QR code scanner enables you to quickly create and save new contacts in the CRM through a simple two-step process. Scanning QR codes complement HubSpot’s mobile app business card scanner and is a quick straightforward way to get contact information directly into your CRM.

To access the scanner when creating a new contact on the CRM page, navigate to the “More” tab within the mobile app. To access it on the home screen, long tap the HubSpot app icon. Once the scanner is opened, the phone camera is activated and ready to scan the QR code. The QR code is read, the contact information fields are auto-filled and displayed for you to review. You can edit or add any missing information before confirming and creating the new contact in the CRM. The QR Code Scanner is now available on both IOS and Android platforms. (For all users with HubSpot mobile app)

Find out more about the business card scanner here.


Ad Performance Metrics in Custom Reporting

Do you have a Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn ad account connected to HubSpot?   You can now see ad performance metrics in custom reporting. You can use custom reports to show year-over-year spend, drill into specific campaigns, compare spend across ads in a single report and much more.

Some of the new metrics available in custom reporting are:

Ad account name
Ad accounts properties
Ad campaign name
Ad group name
Ad name
Ad network
Amount spent
Amount spent in portal currency
Count of ad campaigns
Count of ad groups
Count of ad performance metrics

Count of ads
Daily budget
Lifetime budget
Network conversions
Object create date/time
Report date
Video Plays at 25%


To get started using this feature go to Custom Reports and then select "Ad performance metrics" as your Primary Data Source. (For Professional and Enterprise users)

More information about using ad performance metrics in the Custom Report Builder can be found here. 


Customized Quote Templates Now Available in Sales Hub Free and Starter

A simplified version of Customized Quote Templates is available for Sales Hub Free and Starter users.

In free and starter, users can now:

  • Select a custom domain to host their quote
  • Edit brand colors and fonts

Free and starter users can NOT do the following which is only available to Professional and Enterprise users:
  • Edit content or images in their Customized Quote Template including adding personalization tokens
  • Change the logo
  • Create new Customized Quote Templates

To use this feature, navigate to settings > objects > quotes > Customized Quote Templates. Then select one of the three default templates from the list. This will open the editor where you can update settings choices. (New for Sales Hub Free and Starter users)

Learn how to create and customize quote templates here


Use QuickBooks Workflow Actions with Payment-based Workflows

If you use HubSpot payments, you can now use two QuickBooks workflow actions for payment-based HubSpot workflows: 
  1. Create a QuickBooks paid invoice – Automatically creates a paid invoice in QuickBooks for non-taxable line items.
  2. Create a QuickBooks sales receipt – Automatically creates a paid sales receipt in QuickBooks.

You no longer need to manually export and import payment information between HubSpot payments and QuickBooks. With these workflows, the information will automatically transfer to QuickBooks and create a paid invoice or sales receipt. This automation is sure to save you time and alleviate data lag & inaccuracies. (For users with the QuickBooks integration)

Learn how to set up these workflows here.  See what else you can do with the HubSpot QuickBooks integration here


Users and Teams Partitioning for Social Accounts

You are now able to assign specific users and teams to your different social accounts. Super Admins can assign individual social accounts to users based on which accounts they need access to, without giving them access to all accounts. This feature also allows filtering on the Manage and Analyze tabs by teams or users to see more granular data on your different accounts.

To assign a social account to teams & users, navigate to Settings > Marketing > Social. You can then click under the "Account Access" column to assign the social account to everyone, specific teams & users, or a specific person. As a super admin, you will have a filter to see all users and teams on the manage and analyze tab. A non-super admin user will only see the data assigned to them or their team. (For Marketing Hub Enterprise users)

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