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What's New:  HubSpot Product Updates for December 2022

What's New: HubSpot Product Updates for December 2022

HubSpot wrapped up 2022 with several great updates to improve efficiency at your desk or on the go.    With a Slack integration update and two updates to the HubSpot Mobile app, 2023 is off to a great start!

Custom lifecycle stages

If you have found the lifecycle stage options in HubSpot limiting, this update is great news!  You can create custom lifecycle stages that align better with your needs and customer journey.   This update solves the need to create a custom property for unique lifecycle stages, which adds clutter to record properties.  

To learn how to create and customize lifecycle stages, click here

(For all users)


Support for Fiscal Year in goals and forecast

For those that operate on a fiscal year instead of the calendar year, you can now manage goals and forecasts in HubSpot based on your company's fiscal year.  Previously, HubSpot's goals and forecasts were only measured from January to December.  This change will allow companies to manage their sales process around their fiscal year.

To change your company's fiscal year, go to Account Settings > Account Defaults.  Then in the top navigation bar, click Sales>Forecast.

Two things to note:

  • Changing your fiscal year will clear any pipeline submissions data on a quarterly cadence.
  • If you use the forecast tool on mobile, you must update to the latest mobile app version to see your fiscal year reflected.

You can learn more about the forecast tool here

(For Sales Hub Pro & Enterprise and Service Hub Pro & Enterprise)


Convert active lists to static lists

You can now convert any active list into a static list while keeping the list ID and references intact.  Previously cloning the active list was the only way to convert it to a static list.  However, doing so meant losing list IDs, filters and references of where that list was used. 

Converting a list is as simple as going to the Actions dropdown and selecting Convert to Static.  You will then click Convert.  This list will now be a static list. 

(For all users)


Convert slack messages to notes in Hubspot

If you use HubSpot's Slack integration, you can now convert Slack messages to notes in HubSpot.  

With this update, you can now attach converted Slack messages as notes to one or multiple contacts, companies, deals or tickets.  This feature can also keep your teammates in the loop about any created notes and all associated records within a Slack channel or thread.

To convert a Slack message to a note:

  1. In Slack, go to the message you would like to convert and click More Actions.
  2. Select Create a Note.
  3. Choose which record(s) you want to attach the note to.
  4. After your note is saved, you will see a summarized success message.  You may then share the results with others in the channel by selecting Post to Thread.

Here is the link if you'd like to learn about Slack's HubSpot marketplace integration, or for more information on how to connect HubSpot to Slack, you can click here.

(For all users using the Slack integration)


new logged activity options for Hubspot mobile app

The HubSpot mobile app now allows you to manually log new activity types when you send an SMS, LinkedIn message, WhatsApp message or postal mail.  This addition better aligns with how you communicate with prospects and customers.

To log a new activity:

  1. Navigate to any CRM record.
  2. Tap on Log Activity.
  3. Choose which type of activity you would like to log.
  4. Enter the details of the activity.
  5. Tap Save.

Click the link if you'd like to read more about the HubSpot mobile app

(For all mobile app users)

View and share meeting links on the mobile app

HubSpot continues rolling out improvements to its mobile app to keep you productive when away from your desk.  You can now view and share your Metting Links directly from the HubSpot Mobile app.  

To share a Meeting Link:

  1.  Tap on Menu
  2. Tap on Meeting Links
  3. Tap on a specific meeting link to copy it to the clipboard
  4. Tap the three-dot menu next to the meeting link to Preview or Share

This feature requires version 4.4.0 or above on iOS or version 3.8.1 or above on Android

(For all mobile app users)



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