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Inbound Ignited Customer Success Story - Sales Boomerang

Inbound Ignited Customer Success Story - Sales Boomerang

Inbound Ignited built a custom, HubSpot-powered CRM system to enable Digital Marketing for Sales Boomerang. The platform enabled their team to scale revenue while retaining clients and nurturing new leads. 

#1 Marketing-to-Sales Handoff


For Richard Grieser, marketing success meant more than just setting up his HubSpot account. As the Vice President of Marketing at Sales Boomerang, Richard was looking for a marketing agency that could customize solutions for his major pain points.

When he connected with the Inbound Ignited team, Richard described how it immediately felt like a partnership. "My experience with Inbound Ignited had been awesome from the start," he says.

Instead of outsourcing to marketing professionals who would throw a one-size-fits-all solution at him, Richard found partners committed to providing a high-quality, customized marketing experience that focused on his key goals. "Craig, at Inbound Ignited, has become our trusted advisor," Richard says.


The Roadblock to Marketing Success

Richard started at Sales Boomerang in early 2020, which was a difficult time for anyone to start at a new company. During that time, it was challenging to build a successful marketing team or further business goals. Before Richard connected with Inbound Ignited, he had no metric tracking in place. This meant he had no way of knowing if their marketing efforts were actually working or if the company was even meeting its goals. This was a giant blind spot, or rather, a roadblock to marketing success.

Richard tried working with HubSpot before, but the challenge was that standard out-of-the-box solution didn't work. There was no desire to be simply another agency customer going through the funnel. Instead, he needed a personalized strategic approach to help his team move past initial HubSpot onboarding challenges and begin achieving their other goals.

There were many vital elements he used to evaluate each agency as he determined the best marketing partner.

  • Cost of Services
  • Ability to meet the specific objectives he needed to accomplish
  • Confidence in the competence of the team

After weighing his options and getting a recommendation from a contact at HubSpot, Richard ultimately chose Inbound Ignited. "When HubSpot is telling you, 'use this agency partner, you'll get tremendous value from it,' that's a good sign."


The Solution

Inbound Ignited worked to help the Sales Boomerang team accomplish their marketing and sales goals. "From the very first time we worked together, Inbound got all our team set up. Our ads and campaigns, our contacts, and all the rest of our marketing needs were ready-to-go in HubSpot," Richard says, "We gave them the requirements, and they turned around the results."

For Sales Boomerang, Inbound Ignited's customized approach started with onboarding HubSpot and quickly moved to a website redesign that became a lead-generating machine. Next, Inbound Ignited helped them set up account-based marketing, enabling them to achieve better campaign targeting.

Lastly, was setting up Richard's team to have a more comprehensive view of all their data, analytics, and their place in the market. "Now we know which of the clients in our market we're actually targeting and how to reach them effectively," Richard says.

When the Sales Boomerang team had a marketing goal, Inbound Ignited helped them reach it. Initially, Inbound Ignited set them up with effective workflows and if/then scenarios that provided an extensive, high-level understanding of their marketing efforts and how they function. Then, as a combined team effort that will help them reach their goals, they also receive support with ongoing projects.


The Result: Marketing Success

Thanks to the efforts of the Inbound Ignited team, Sales Boomerang has a more strategic approach to reach its target market.

A sampling of their results include:

  • Scheduling more demos.
  •  A high-quality website that builds customer trust and confidence.
  • Both client base and revenue have more than doubled since partnering with Inbound Ignited.

Richard feels that the company's marketing success is directly related to its partnership with Inbound Ignited. As a result, Sales Boomerang can reach more of the market and turn more prospects into customers.

Ready to achieve similar results? Let's Talk!

Inbound Ignited will help you consistently communicate your unique story and equip you with powerful and effective sales and marketing tools that will drive more revenue in the world of digital sales.

Your marketing strategy needs to be targeted and consistent. Results matter, so put your trust in us and get ready to achieve marketing success!


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