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How Jani-King Gulf Coast Improved Its Sales and CRM Processes

How Jani-King Gulf Coast Improved Its Sales and CRM Processes

For over 30 years, Jani-King Gulf Coast has been a leader in delivering commercial cleaning and disinfecting services to businesses throughout Texarkana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Columbus, Georgia.  Jani-King Gulf Coast also offers franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs looking for a partner in success.  

Its leadership team smartly realized the need to keep up with the changing marketing landscape, so they invested in a new CRM and marketing platform, HubSpot.  Despite Jani-King Gulf Coast's strong desire for improvement and a couple of years of using the tool independently, their HubSpot implementation didn't produce the desired results.

The Challenge

One major issue they identified was that their customer and prospect data lived outside of HubSpot in a legacy CRM.  This missing data would not allow HubSpot to function at its peak, and integrating the legacy CRM into HubSpot was not an option for them.  Therefore, the sales and marketing teams were using various systems to track leads, deals and customers, making it difficult to get a complete picture of what was happening at any given time.  Simultaneously, the HubSpot portal wasn't configured for their existing sales process.  The misalignment led to low adoption of the tool.  They knew HubSpot was a great tool with lots of promise, but they had yet to be able to unlock much value out of it up to that point.


The Solution

To turn things around, Jani-King Gulf Coast's management team hired us, a HubSpot Solutions Partner, to help them get the most out of their investment in HubSpot.

We approached the problem in three chunks.  First, we mapped and cleansed data from Jani King's legacy CRM.  We set up custom objects and properties in HubSpot that aligned with their data set.  Since a system-to-system integration was not an option, we performed data imports into HubSpot and taught their team how to perform regular update imports to keep the data synced between the two systems.

Next, we hosted an onsite workshop with their sales, marketing, and operations team members.  During this session, we evaluated their existing sales process and technology.  We documented their sales approach, pipeline stages, lifecycle stage definitions and provided coaching and benchmarks.  Every member of the sales, marketing and customer success teams could weigh in on what was working and what was not working and had the opportunity to provide input.  While onsite, we also answered their team's questions about HubSpot.  After the session, we created a new sales process that best supported their customer's journey and could be best implemented within HubSpot's Sales Hub.  The new process incorporated best practices, process improvements and automation.  We documented the new process with flow charts and shared it with the Jani-King Gulf Coast team.  After a few working sessions, they approved the changes.  We configured HubSpot to support the new process, and when the Jani-King Gulf Coast team was ready to launch, we were there to help them implement it.

Finally, we trained their team on HubSpot's most critical sales and service tools.  We helped them build automated workflows that send relevant and timely messages to their prospects and dashboards that provide actionable insights.  We set up a customer satisfaction survey capability and showed them how to send regular check-ins to their audiences.  We provided hands-on training and were available for support whenever the Jani-King Gulf Coast team needed it.


The Outcome

With their legacy CRM data now in HubSpot, Jani-King Gulf Coast can more easily manage their contacts, companies and franchises, allowing them to implement new customer retention and growth strategies.  Accessing this data more easily has allowed the Jani-King Gulf Coast team to be proactive and reactive regarding customer satisfaction and franchise prospect follow-up.

Before implementing the newly designed sales process, they needed more visibility into their sales pipeline, and their sales team spent considerable time with manual follow-up and outreach.  Today, the leadership team is confident of the follow-up that takes place for prospects.  The marketing and sales teams are more aligned than ever, and the data inside of HubSpot enables them to engage, interact and manage their cleaning customers and franchise owners in a positive and meaningful way.  With Inbound Ignited's help, Jani-King Gulf Coast Region can deliver a connected best-in-class customer experience.


“Inbound Ignited has done a really good job. They were a fantastic resource for our team and always on the spot when we needed help. They are true HubSpot experts.”

JJ O’Neil, President


Why Inbound Ignited?

There were several factors that led Jani-King Gulf Coast to choose Inbound Ignited to help them solve their problems.  First, we came highly recommended by their HubSpot account manager.  Then, after our initial call and some research, they felt comfortable with our team. Not just with our technical capacity, but they felt like we were going to be easy to work with. Finally,  they desired a U.S. based partner, having had a painful prior experience working with a implementation partner for a different CRM.  They wanted to avoid the complexity and communication challenges they endured working with a large and geographically dispersed team.  

Jani-King Gulf Coast chose Inbound Ignited because they knew we had a strong reputation with sales process improvement and HubSpot education and support.  They were confident we could help them solve their problems while striving to do the right thing for all involved. 

"Doing the Right Thing," being a "Creative Problem Solver" and "Always Be Helping" are three of our core values, and they were on display with our work with Jani-King Gulf Coast.


About Inbound Ignited

Established in 2019, St. Louis-based remote agency Inbound Ignited has become one of the nation's most successful Revenue Operations firms.

Led by Founder and CEO Craig Leabig, who holds an impressive 16 HubSpot credentials and a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner rating, the agency empowers clients to fast-track their marketing strategy and business revenue by:

  • Evaluating and implementing the right CRM, marketing, sales and customer service technologies
  • Training sales teams to be more productive and effective
  • Aligning marketing, sales and customer success operations across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Driving growth through operational efficiency
  • Using Growth Driven Design
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