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Supplied Energy Website Case Study

Supplied Energy Website Case Study

Supplied Energy is a resource, partner and distributor, providing what is needed based on a client’s goals and journey toward achieving or offering energy independence, net-zero (or even net-positive) capable homes and buildings. With their solutions, you can choose how you achieve energy independence with as much or as little input from their team as needed.

They distribute heat pumps (mini-splits/air source and geothermal), solar energy products, power storage, backup solutions, EV chargers and more electric-based solutions.


The challenge

Supplied Energy began as a startup in 2021. Founder and president Kyle Smith was ready to launch and put his team’s skills to work by leveraging decades of experience in net-zero energy methods to create a greener, cleaner future.

Kyle knew they would need assistance when entering a crowded, constantly evolving market. This was when Supplied Energy’s Mallory Fohne chose Inbound Ignited to design their business processes and launch their website.


The solution

“I initially chose Inbound Ignited because they’re a Hubspot Partner Agency. Also, I knew we needed a lot more than a website. We also needed a better way to manage business inquiries, sales and tasks.

-- Mallory Fohne, Supplied Energy

After many Zoom meetings and gallons of coffee, Inbound Ignited was ready to provide a professional website design. We also helped them onboard HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, Sales Hub and Service Hub and provided HubSpot training.


A non-polluting, six-cylinder website

We used Growth Driven Design website design principles to kick off Supplied Energy’s website project. Which means we have a three-phased approach:

  1. Create a website blueprint
  2. Build/launch a foundation site
  3. Provide continuous improvement

Since Supplied Energy offers several energy-efficient solutions to several audiences, Inbound Ignited identified a need to simplify their value proposition.

We began by defining Supplied Energy’s three types of prospects:

Installers | Commercial/Residential Developers | Consumers/Homeowners

This became the framework of the site’s home page and Services & Solutions page.

Next, the product and service descriptions were simplified to create an inviting visit for professionals and homeowners alike.

  • All visitors can quickly locate pertinent information.
  • All products and services are described in everyday language. 
  • The page design included contact links that delivered each new inquiry to the appropriate sales staffer or manager.


An Electrifying Product Lineup

Since a percentage of Supplied Energy visitors would be ready to begin installing their own energy systems and components, Inbound Ignited added a section to the site to handle inquiries and sales.

Built with Shopify, Supplied Energy’s Shop pages have simple navigation and intelligent descriptions for products. The product lines were defined by name for more straightforward navigation, with icons representing each type.

Supplied Energy’s Shop features several options for fast answers to visitor questions, including a HubSpot live chat and Talk to an Expert conversion path.


Off the grid. Off the charts.

The newly launched website started seeing traffic, bringing in potential leads and driving quarterly sales.

Not only did assure visitors that they spoke their language, creating an inviting cyber atmosphere. it also provided Supplied Energy staff with built-in prospecting, product sales and lead generation features.

Inbound Ignited also assisted with creating a smarter site navigation, explaining how the recommended site design would help generate more prospects.


Can I Freshen That Up For You?

A stale site can stall a company’s growth. This is why we use Growth Driven Design website design principles and believe in ongoing continuous improvement.

We went beyond building a buzz-worthy website...we provided Supplied Energy’s staff with website training before the site’s launch.

This enabled their staff — even those who initially doubted their cyber skills — to revise content and products quickly, lead generation and support forms, and even create a new webpage on their own.

“Inbound Ignited created our site layout with our ongoing needs in mind. While our staff can easily perform many corrections and changes to our site, Inbound Ignited’s team of Hubspot experts are always available when we need new coding or a major update.”

- Mallory Fohne, Marketing Director

After the initial site launch in 2021, we made numerous content and conversion path changes. We created a 1.5-minute explainer video that effectively tells the complex story of their mission, launched customer-specific landing pages using HubSpot’s HubDB table, and created a careers center to allow a quick intake of job applications.

Their site continually evolves to support their remarkable growth since their launch in 2021.


Why Inbound Ignited?

Established in 2019, St. Louis-based remote agency Inbound Ignited has become one of the nation's most successful Revenue Operations firms.

Led by Founder and CEO Craig Leabig, who holds an impressive 16 HubSpot credentials and a Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner rating, the agency empowers clients to fast-track their marketing strategy and business revenue by:

  • Evaluating and implementing the right CRM, marketing, sales and customer service technologies
  • Training sales teams to be more productive and effective
  • Aligning marketing, sales and customer success operations across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Driving growth through operational efficiency
  • Using Growth Driven Design



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