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What's New: HubSpot Product Updates For April

What's New: HubSpot Product Updates For April

HubSpot is constantly improving product features and creating new ones to provide the best CRM. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest features and changes as busy professionals. Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! We’ve sifted through the latest updates and are highlighting the ones we feel make the most impact on our clients. So here are the latest and greatest HubSpot updates in a nutshell!


Associate Forms with Marketing Campaigns

You can now associate specific forms with your Campaigns! As with any other asset, you can associate the form with the campaign in one of three ways:

1. Clicking the “Options” tab of the Forms editor
2. Clicking the “Actions” menu on the Forms Manage page
3. From the “add Assets” flow inside a Campaign

When a form is associated with a campaign, it is fully integrated with the campaign tool through various reporting types, giving you even more insight into your campaigns.

See more details here.

(For Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise users)


Sync QuickBooks invoices to HubSpot

If you use QuickBooks for invoicing and have the HubSpot QuickBooks integration, this update will be welcome news. Creating or updating invoices in QuickBooks will now be automatically duplicated in HubSpot! No more having to add them to HubSpot manually. This will save you time and ensure that updates and corrections won’t be missed.

Learn more about this integration.

(For all HubSpot users with the QuickBooks integration)


Next and Last Activity on Board View

Just as it sounds, the board view will now show you the last logged activity and next scheduled activity for Deals and Tickets. This allows us to quickly see where progress stands on each activity without additional clicks. You will automatically see this feature update. To turn off the setting, in the Board Actions drop-down menu, select Edit Cards and you can toggle the information on or off. 

(For all HubSpot Users)


Additional Contact Fields on Payment Links

Would it be helpful to collect additional information from buyers during payment without adding extra steps or forms for the buyer? Now you can! These contact fields are similar to the options in Forms.

Find out how to create and edit payment links here.

(For all HubSpot users)


Flexible Association

Flexible Associations allow users to:

  • Associate multiple companies to a single contact, company, deal, or ticket
  • Create and apply custom association labels to describe relationships between objects (Professional and Enterprise customers)
  • Use those labels across the HubSpot platform (think filters, lists report builder, and workflows)
  • Set up associations and labels for custom object associations in the HubSpot portal (Enterprise customers only) 

Learn about these really exciting changes hereLearn how to put this into practice and associate records here


Additional Task Priority Options

Previously the only task priority being “high” kept teams from knowing what was and wasn’t a high priority. Now with four options (high, medium, low, and none), you can categorize and prioritize better to keep things flowing. You can use these new task priority categories across HubSpot in workflows, sequences, the task app, record pages, and more.

(For all HubSpot users) 

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