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Updates from Hubspot (2021)

Updates from Hubspot (2021)

Each year, marketing, sales and customer service platform provider, HubSpot, hosts a conference called Inbound. During this event, HubSpot announces major product and service enhancements. As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, our team was very excited to learn about the innovations that were released.

In this post, we’ve summarized the most exciting updates which focus on "Putting the C back in CRM". This slogan encompasses the platform's shift to focus on a complete CRM experience that will be more customizableconnected, and customer-centric.


Here is an overview of the most exciting things announced by HubSpot:  


The new customer-centric updates and features include HubSpot Payments, customer portals, and custom feedback surveys. Now you have a streamlined buying experience for your clients with native payments all in the CRM. Respectively, custom feedback and customer portals help you better understand your client's needs and allow them to easily request your service, providing a better service experience.   

 HubSpot Payments  

With the introduction of HubSpot payments, you can now collect one-time or recurring payments from your CRM. With the new payments feature, you can create a branded checkout page and easily send it with a link via email, live chat, or embed it on your website. There is also a native quotes and payments integration to streamline a purchase directly from your sales quote.   

Customer Portals  

If you use support tickets, customer portals will allow your customers to view and manage their active support tickets, explore your knowledge base, and aim to improve your customer's overall experience with your brand.   

Custom Feedback Surveys 

Custom feedback surveys are more versatile than previously available; users can add unlimited questions with more options for question types like star ratings or text fields.    



The customizable updates include sandboxes, admin capabilities, business units and flexible associations. Now, all the behind-the-scenes work your business does to stay organized between business processes and team members is improved with deeper management of your portal's users, contacts, and accounts.   


You can now test, experiment and make changes to features and integrations without making permanent modifications to your data until you're ready.     

Admin Capabilities  

New permissioning and governance features make managing and setting up users much more manageable. Admins can now utilize features like permission templates, user impersonation and export all user permissions from your portal for a simple review of your user access.   

Business Units 

This feature will allow teams to manage multiple brands within one account. For example, if PepsiCo was a HubSpot user, they could manage various brands like Pepsi, Gatorade and Cheetos separately while connected within one shared portal.  

Flexible Associations 

With this new feature, you can now associate multiple companies with a contact, deal or ticket record. If your subscription is either professional or enterprise, you can also create association labels to describe the connection between the records. Because this feature is now native, you will be able to use associations in lists and workflows.   



The latest connected updates encompass custom behavioral events, custom report builder, forecasting and the enterprise tier of Operations Hub. These updates work to keep data clean which makes tracking, reporting and integration easier for you and your team.  

Operations Hub Enterprise 

In early 2021, HubSpot launched Operations Hub, and as of November 1st, 2021, users will be able to upgrade to Operations Hub Enterprise. Perfect for scaling businesses, the enterprise tier gives users more compelling insights. Leaders want to focus on a data-driven strategy instead of spending all their time aggregating the relevant data. This makes it easier for users to curate their data the way they want to with additional features like data sets, calculations, and Snowflake data share.    

Custom Behavioral Events 

With this new feature, you can micro-target or segment actions based on how your contacts interact with your business. This will help you track and report on-site or app activity within HubSpot. It also allows you to begin workflows or notify team members when a prospect takes a particular action.   

Custom Report Builder 

With the improvements made to the custom report builder, you can now create reports using data from custom objects, behavioral events and campaigns, to name a few. These developments vastly improve the native reporting capabilities within HubSpot.   


The enhanced forecasting features allow you to do easy monthly or quarterly forecasting and let you see a holistic view of your deal pipeline. Now, you can split or share credit between 5 users.   



As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, Inbound Ignited focuses on keeping up with all the latest updates and features from HubSpot. We help our clients configure their portals so they can keep focusing on running their business.  

*Note that some updates or features may only be available on specific HubSpot subscriptions or may have additional fees included based on your current Hub subscription(s).   


Talk to us today to make sure you are getting the most out of HubSpot!




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