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Ongoing HubSpot Consulting

Receive professional guidance on deploying HubSpot software from an expert HubSpot Technical Consultant.


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What's Included With Ongoing HubSpot Consulting

By taking advantage of our ongoing technical consulting services, you'll work with a dedicated team of dedicated Consultants who will work with you regularly. Your consultants will take the time to truly understand your systems, tech stack, and business objectives, so they can provide strategic and technical guidance that helps you achieve your goals.


What to expect with Ongoing HubSpot Consulting

  1. A relationship with team of HubSpot experts
  2. Strategic and technical expertise and guidance for your HubSpot admin team
  3. Assistance planning and executing on HubSpot and integration projects
  4. Guidance to help you build and optimize your team's processes
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Ongoing HubSpot Consulting: Advanced


Key Details:

Price: $1500 

Monthly Support Hours: up to 5

Setting: Remote

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Ongoing HubSpot Consulting: Premium


Key Details:

Price: $2750

Monthly Support Hours: up to 10

Setting: Remote

With Ongoing HubSpot Consulting you'll receive up to five (5) hours (Advanced) or up to ten (10) hours (Premium) of remote access per month to a technical consultant or HubSpot expert. This support includes general technical assistance and guidance on projects related to your HubSpot subscription. The support hours can be utilized for various activities, such as phone conversations, email-based support, prep work, and other related services. Please note that any unused hours will expire at the end of each month and cannot be carried over.

Term: One (1) year agreement agreement.

After the initial One (1) year term, clients are automatically moved to a month-to-month agreement.

Last Modified: 3/11/2023

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