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Website Design & Development

Your Website is Your #1 Marketing Asset and #1 Sales Person

Your website is the first place people go to get information about your company and a lot of times is the first impression of your business. It is also your #1 salesperson, working 24 hours a day 7 days a week nurturing people through the sales process.  Your website can build trust and convey your brand's values and company culture.



Why Inbound Ignited?

Our process (formed over 10+ years) for new website builds and redesigns of existing sites starts with a strategy phase. The goal of the strategy stage is to understand your audience’s world and how the website can solve problems along their journey. This helps us understand your messaging and how to craft a great user experience. We’ll build a sitemap, create a design inspiration for your home page and provide you an estimate of the cost to build your new site.


Once we have a clear blueprint, we build a foundational site. Our design, content and development teams work together to build your foundational website. The result: a well laid out new website that looks better and performs better than your current website that is optimized to attract and convert your leads.

Our team will lead your key stakeholders through a series of workshops where we gather the important details needed to create a high-performing website.  We'll work with you to determine the "jobs to be done" by your visitors, your goals, brand messaging and guidelines.  We'll create wireframes and design mockups for your approval and help you with content strategy.


We work in either HubSpot CMS or Wordpress.  We are able to provide hosting services in the case those are needed.


The traditional approach to website redesign is broken.


If you've been involved in a traditional website redesign project you know that it's quite the journey.  You have to plan every step of the timeline: when things are delivered, when things need to be approved and when things are handed off to specific teams. Yet, how many times does a website project go over budget or miss a deadline? Think about your previous web design projects. Were they launched on time? Did they stay in scope and on budget? Things happen and obstacles arise. Finally, the new website is launched and everyone goes back to their normal jobs.  Years go by without impactful improvements being made to the website.  


Instead of being neglected for years with minimal updates, shouldn’t this important asset get the resources and attention it needs to continue being a top performer?



 Growth-Driven Design is a better approach.  By making a continual investment in your website it will maintain it's peak-performance,  deliver user value and drive business growth.


Our Proven Process:

Phase 1:
Website Design and Strategy Blueprint

A deep understanding of your users and a solid strategy are key to building an effective website. 


We will help your team align to a common strategy and understand how to build a well-performing website that acts as your best salesperson. The Inbound Ignited team will facilitate a series of meetings where we will ensure that your leadership team is fully aligned and prepared for this program. 

What We Deliver:

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Web presence strategy
  • Sitemap & page strategy
  • Website styling inspiration
  • Content strategy
  • Estimate cost and timeline for phase 2

How Long Does It Take?

Anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month

How Much Does It Cost?
Starts at $7,000


Phase 2:
Foundational Website Build

Inbound Ignited will build a new website based on the approved concepts from the first phase.


Your foundational site will look better and perform better than the site you have today. Once development has been completed, Inbound Ignited will perform one last usability and performance test to ensure that the website will perform to your organization's expectations. 

What We Deliver:

  • HTML/CSS design & development
  • Page content & image layout
  • Search engine & mobile-friendly optimization setup
  • Website testing & browser compatibility
  • Website launch

How Long Does It Take?

3 months or more, depending on size of the build

How Much Does It Cost?
 Average $20,000
Phase 3:
Website Continuous Improvement

Inbound Ignited will lead a series of continuous improvement cycles, start collecting user data and implement high-impact items.


The continuous improvement cycle consists of a 90-minute summit to kick off each quarter. We also facilitate update meetings throughout the quarter where we will check on progress, deliverables, and review performance.

What We Deliver:


  • Quarterly Summits: discuss challenges, ideas, or pitches to add to the wishlist
  • Implement high-impact items
  • Optimize website performance
  • On-demand support

How Long Does It Take?

Ongoing at least a 3-12 month commitment

How much does it cost?
Ranges between $3,000 and $6,000 a month



Our Work

Here are just a few examples of websites we have designed and developed for our clients.

Supplied Energy_ (1)
Sales Boomerang (1)
FinLocker Financ (1)

What are the results you can get from building your website with Inbound Ignited?

Here's what you can expect:

  • Improved Search Engine Results: optimize your site to be found organically in searches.
  • Modern, Engaging Look: It's pretty and its user friendly!
  • Higher Conversion Rates: website visitors will be compelled to convert.

Listen to our glowing client testimonial on how our proven process for web design delivered the results they needed.

HubSpot Video


Let's Get Started:

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