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Inbound Marketing

A Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy Will Shape How Fast You Grow

Inbound marketing is a magnet that pulls potential clients to your doorstep.  People now make the majority of their purchasing decisions online and more transactions happen online than in-person or over the phone. Having a strong website presence is essential because it helps potential customers assess whether or not you are a fit for solving their needs.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing strategy is a collection of different tactics designed to attract, educate and inform prospective clients on your product or service. In most cases, marketers use a mix of inbound tools, and depending on your business, some tactics deserve more investments than others do.


Because most companies are promoting their products and services online, consumers are overwhelmed with a tornado of information. Utilizing the right inbound marketing tools helps your business stand out and become "top-of-mind" in your industry. This more subtle approach to marketing your brand is less abrasive for your prospects than a pushy sales team constantly calling. By educating and informing your consumers you let potential clients find you!

What are inbound marketing tools and what do they do?



Engage potential customers by offering free info about what you do through different types of media. Blogging is a very popular example.

Search Engine Optimization

Appear higher in search results by utilizing the right tools that optimize your website for better organic results!

Social Media Marketing

Connect with loyal customers, create new ones, and manage your brand!

Email Marketing

Engage with your current contacts via relevant and timely emails!

Search Engine Marketing

Get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid search!

Our Proven Process:

A three-phased approach in creating, implementing and sustaining an inbound marketing solution strategy.

Phase 1:
Kickoff, set up &

Phase 1 Goals:

  • Learn about your problems or pain points
  • Develop a strategy to target your problems
  • Create a plan for how and when things will get done
Phase 2:
Inbound Campaign Implementation

Phase 2 Goals:

  • Begin to implement strategies and solutions
  • Discover if any new or different problems come up
  • Deliver on results
Phase 3:
Ongoing Management & Reporting

Phase 3 Goals:

  • Implement high-impact items
  • Measure and optimize performance to keep learning what works best
  • On-demand support

What is the Cost And Timeline of Developing an Inbound Marketing Strategy with Inbound Ignited?

We require a minimum 3-month commitment of $3,000 per month. 

Here's what we will do:

  • We will guide and direct you into making the best choices for you & your company.
  • We will be honest with you about what will work best.
  • We partner with you to do what's best for your business, we are an extension of your team. 

Here's what we won't do:

  • We are not going to shove all our products & services down your throat.
  • We're not going to charge you an arm and a leg for products and service you don't need or that aren't relevant to your business.
  • We're not going to sell you a one-size-fits-all solution.

Every marketing plan we create is different because every marketing need is different. 

We can provide a custom quote, contact us for a free consultation. 

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